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High adaptable mammals that can live in most environments. Diet consists of almost anything they can get their hands on. Loves water and vegetation.


Opossums eat anything, even trash. The are scavagers and will go through your trash bin looking for food. They can also get into areas like your crawlspace or attic.


Skunks are burrowing animals and will spend most of the day sleeping. They are nocturnal and will spend their nights looking for food and water. They will spray if they feel threatened.


Birds can cause more damage than you think. They build in the nest in different parts of the house using sticks and other debris. Over time, the nest will start to harvest bird mites, that can infest your home. These birds can also leave droppings everywhere.


Rodents come in different shapes and sizes. Size is how you determine a rat from a mouse. They can cause all types of ruckus during the night and just cause a nuisance. These rodents will gnaw on objects to keep their teeth short causing damage and destruction. They will leave their droppings all around.



Coyotes are now deep in the city. The survive from feeding from the smaller urban wildlife and smaller pets. Beware, they will attack and are very aggressive.