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San Bernardino Bird Control & Removal Services

San Bernadino Bird Removal and Control can help you get rid of Pigeons from your home, attic, crawlspace, and yard. We Provide Humane Trapping and Removal of Birds in San Bernadino, Ca. We are the Best Bird Trapping and Bird Control Company in San Bernadino.

Sparrow Removal and Prevention

Sparrow Control

Sparrow often causes a nuisance to residential and commercial property. Often found nesting in attics, gutters, drainage pipes or under roof tiles.  We offer Sparrow Trapping and Removal Services. We also provide Sparrow deterrents and exclusion services

pigeon removal and prevention

Pigeon Control

Feral Pigeons are responsible for untold millions of dollars of damage each year in urban areas. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive. We offer Pigeon trapping and removal services. We also provide pigeon deterrents and exclusion services.

starling control san bernardino

Starling Control

Starlings rank just behind pigeons and sparrows as an urban bird pest. When the bird is in its flocking phase, thousands of starlings often overwhelm buildings and trees. We offer Starling trapping and removal services. We also provide Starling deterrents and exclusion services.

swallow removal and prevention

Swallow Control

Swallows can be a nuisance in suburban areas due to their nesting habits. The mud nests damage and deface the outer walls and eaves of buildings. We offer Swallow deterrents and exclusion services.

bird control and prevention

Bird Control & Removal

Every bird job includes a Full Inspection of your property, followed by Humane Bird Control, Deterrents or Bird Trapping Services that fit your specific situation.

Bird Cleanup San Bernardino

Bird Feces Cleanup

Forget your Maid! We can clean up & sanitize all bird poop. Need new insulation? We can do that too. This saves you time & money.

Bird Prevention San Bernardino

Bird Exclusion Services

We can help with protecting your property against future bird invaders. We use the latest techniques available & do all is at a great cost too.

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Urban Wildlife Bird Removal can help if you have birds on the rooftop of your home, in your attic, business, or property. We are the experts at Bird Control, and my Bird Removal Specialist uses the most innovative and up to date methods to wildlife removal in your circumference. Only humane methods are used, and our work is highly effective. Some examples where birds can become a problem are rooftops, attics, garages, ledges and other building structures. We use the best live humane bird traps, cleanup methods, and exclusion techniques. If you have a pigeon problem, give us a call to hire my Professional Bird Removal Specialist in your area. We are a qualified Bird Removal Company in California. Bird Removal consultation and assessment of Bird Problems ~ Guaranteed Bird Removal and Exclusion ~ Pinpointing entry points and damages the birds may cause ~ Sealing potential openings with (StealthNet) Bird Barrier products ~ Repairing or sealing up with materials that are constructed of high-quality materials.


As the young birds develop, they will contaminate almost everything in the area with their urine and waste. When most birds are young, they sometimes die causing huge odor problems. When birds accidentally get indoors, they will contaminate the inside of a building with waste, urine and bird mites. Birds will often infest a building for many years causing the building occupants to be exposed to significant health and respiratory problems. Birds can act as vectors for spreading diseases such as psittacosis, salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, mycobacteriosis (avian tuberculosis), avian influenza (bird flu), giardiasis,& cryptosporidiosis over long distances. ***Some of these are zoonotic diseases that can also be transmitted to humans.


Flex Track - Bird Deterrent

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a low-profile ledge deterrent system that's effective against all species of birds using the principle of fear and flight, teaching birds to stay away.


Tree Shock - Bird Deterrent

Tree-Shock is an attractive, effective, long-lasting solution that actually conditions the birds to leave the protected tree for good.


Bird Shock Solar Units

Solar power boxes support up to 1,000 feet of track. It provides plenty of shock and can be installed anywhere that gets several hours of sunlight every day. Different boxes may vary total feet of track.


Bird Spikes Installers

Bird-Flite is installed on thousands of U.S. buildings with an incredible success rate. Its stainless steel rods and U.V.-resistant polycarbonate base are very durable.


Bird Slide Installers

Completely protects ledges against all bird species; they can't get a grip and slide right off. When color-matched, BirdSlide looks like it's part of the architecture.


Optical Gel™ Installers

Optical Gel™ is a multi-sensory bird repellent. Birds see dishes of fire and avoid them immediately. Works in many area for Bird Control.


Stealth Netting

StealthNet is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system in the world. StealthNet denies pest birds access to any architectural configuration.


Bird Trapping

We offer a variety of traps for Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows.

Common Call For Bird Problems

Pigeon and Birds are usually labeled as a nuisance wildlife species due to their destruction and dwelling on private properties. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Birds nesting in homes or buildings
  • Birds waste clean-up
  • Birds digging up the garden
  • Birds living in the attic
  • Birds living in the crawlspace
  • Bird stuck in kitchen hood vent 
  • Bird stuck in the chimney
  • Birds stealing pet food
  • Birds acting aggressively  
  • Birds entering through pets door
  • Dead birds in the attic or crawlspace
  • Birds presence alarming dogs/pets

It happens, So many people wish to have the Birds Trapped and Removed by a Bird Trapping and Removal Company like Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts.



We Provide Humane Trapping and Removal of Pigeons & Birds in San Bernadino, Ca. We are the best Pigeon & Bird Control Solution in California. Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts is a wild bird pest control company located in San Bernadino, Ca. We are the best at solving conflicts with nuisance wildlife. My trained wildlife staff can capture and remove pigeons and birds. Urban Wildlife also offers repair services from pigeon and bird damages, cleanup of pigeon and bird waste, exclusion of pigeons and birds, and much more. We specialize in humane trapping animal solutions and complete every job.  We can resolve any pigeon and bird problems at your private residence or business place. We are committed to providing a safe, efficient and humane solution to all nuisance pigeon and bird problems at your home and commercial property throughout San Bernadino County.

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Birds at your Residence

Birds love the city life and the food source we provide. They can find food just about anywhere in the city. Your home is the best place for birds to nest and find food. Bugs, seeds, fruits and food sources all around. We recommend working on exclusion work to prevent all these from happening, but will not stop them from coming to your yard. The best solution bird control would have to be trapping and removing.

Birds at your Commercial Property

Birds adapt to most situations. They love to travel and explore without being disturbed. A business is a perfect area since most businesses close after a certain time. Unattended to rummage through the garbage and nest on the most convenient part of the building. They can also access into your business without you knowing. A full inspection is the best response, addressing anything and everything bird problem.